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PostSubject: Re: Sensors   Sensors - Page 7 Icon_minitimeMon Apr 26, 2010 9:14 am

Colton's bike slowed silently to a stop in an alleyway beside a massive mansion, and inside was the 17 year old Rachel Terri, daughter of the Governess Gayla Terri and heir to the revolution. He hopped off and walked up to the front door, knocking in hopes that a butler (not a guard) would answer. 

"Hello?" the door creaked open and a woman with red hair and clouded green eyes looked out of the building with surprise. "Colton, is that you?"

Colton just smiled and held out his arms for a warm greeting. 

Rachel gladly embraced him, tears running down her face, "I was so worried when you disappeared four years ago. I knew you would come back but," she buried her face in his chest, "I've missed you so much!" 

Colton let a tear fall before sobering up to tell her why he came back. "I need your help, Rachel. You remember what I told you the night before I left?"

" 'When the light turns to dark you will know which of the two is truly good.' " Rachel recited. 

"The GUG has turned to hunting down rebels." Colton said solemnly, "Our comrades are trying their best to save them but without us it'll be the most difficult mission ever." Colton tapped her chin to tilt her head up to look him in the eyes. "Will you help me destroy the GUG?"

"Of course I will," she said, hugging him tighter, "I promised myself if you were alive I would fight GUG for you. Us two are the only two that have a chance to take it down."

"Let's go," Colton said. "We have people to save."

Ooc: I'll probably end up tripleposting :l Just to build up the suspense.
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PostSubject: Re: Sensors   Sensors - Page 7 Icon_minitimeMon Apr 26, 2010 6:44 pm

Estelle entered the warehouse cautiously as not to alert anyone who might be around. Its contents were dreary and failed to interest her in the slightest bit. She heard voices in a separate area of the warehouse and thought to eavesdrop a little if she could.

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