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 Request for a fanfic o' mine ^-^

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Request for a fanfic o' mine ^-^ Empty
PostSubject: Request for a fanfic o' mine ^-^   Request for a fanfic o' mine ^-^ Icon_minitimeTue Apr 27, 2010 8:47 pm

Okay, this'll sound weird, but I have a request for a fanfic of mine.

I am writing a Naruto/ Kingdom Hearts Crossover. Yes, I know it's kinda weird, but I really need two things: Naruto with a sort of Valor form thingy but instead it involves Kyuubi and Naruto being half demon, and a Drawing of Naruto's Nobody.

As for Naruto's Kyuu form, I would enjoy Naruto having Tails and Ears, a dark color centric outfit, and two Black and red Keyblades (Unless color is too much)

Naruto's Nobody has Black hair and piercing red eyes, he wears a black hooded trenchcoat and has a scar across his chin.

If to be so kind, I ask of this request unto a member. Please?

^-^ Subrosa-san
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Request for a fanfic o' mine ^-^
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