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PostSubject: Taiga   Taiga Icon_minitimeSun Jun 27, 2010 4:04 pm

A pack of wolves living in the taiga (aka, the boreal forest) have it good: the family is staying together, and the humans have not entered the forest in years. However, as the humans do get closer, the wolves have another problem: There is a traitor amongst them. Nolan, the adopted son of the leader of the wolf pack, is the only one who knows who the traitor is, but he also has a power that is considered a curse amongst wolves, and could cause him to be exiled if the secret gets out. Will he be able to prove who the traitor is before it's too late, or will the secret be out and Nolan be exiled from the pack he's come to call his family?
Rating: PG or PG-13 (I'll let you know when I decide how bloody it will get.)

Chapter One

A black wolf with a hint of gray here and there sat perched upon a boulder next to a cave. He held his muzzle high and his ears pricked, alert to his surroundings, turning his head and surveying every movement in the frozen forest of the taiga. It was in the middle of winter, when the ice storms were the fiercest and the food was very scarce. A light snow was falling that day, making it possible for the wolf and his brother to go hunting for the she-wolf and her pups. The large wolf didn’t turn to look as another wolf came trotting up with a rabbit and a small vole in its mouth. This one was brown with silver patches, the typical gray wolf color. His golden eyes stood out against his snow-covered fur, and, although he wasn’t as muscular as the black wolf, he had an aura of wisdom and many experiences about him.
The wolf set his prey down and looked up at his brother. “It’s your turn, Doyle.”
Doyle turned his head and looked at the wolf. “Sorry, I can’t Lloyd.”
“Why not? These pups are your nephews.”
“I know, but I’ve been sitting on this rock guarding the den for so long, I think my butt’s been frozen to it.” Doyle said jokingly, smiling down at Lloyd.
Lloyd shrugged. “Alright, well, go catch something when your butt decides to not be frozen, okay?”
“That may be a long time, Lloyd.”
The alpha male sighed, picked up his prey, and padded into the den.
If he didn’t have the prey in his mouth, Lloyd would’ve been smiling. Lying on the cold den floor was his mate, Tundra. A pure white she-wolf with a black patch on her back and stunning light blue eyes, Lloyd had trouble taking his eyes off of her. His gaze rested on her for a moment, then it moved to the pups. His oldest, Kenyon, was pure white like his mother, but with golden eyes like Lloyd. The second oldest, Jikken, was pure black like Doyle, and had a white star on his chest. His eyes, a deep brown mixed with red, were just like Doyle’s. They’re fourth and youngest, Karui, was pure white just like Kenyon, only with sapphire-blue eyes. And when Lloyd looked upon his third son, he felt happy and sad at the same time.
He and his mate’s third pup was actually female, but she was too small and too fragile to survive. The two mates were devastated; that is, until Doyle found Nolan. Lloyd’s brother had been out hunting when he’d heard a pitiful whine that sounded like a baby wolf. He followed the noise and found a silver pup, abandoned and freezing in the snow. Doyle picked up the pup, and took it back to Tundra, who took care of and accepted the pup as one of her own. She named him Nolan, which, in the ancient language of the wolves, meant ‘Emerald’, for the fact that his eyes were an unusual emerald-green.
As Lloyd woke Tundra and helped feed her, Doyle looked inside and stole a glance at the adopted pup. He was wary of his adopted nephew, for he could sense that Nolan had a deadly secret.

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