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 History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1

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PostSubject: History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1   History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1 Icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 10:04 pm

There are two Gods and Two Goddesses that created this universe. They are as follows:
Amenos (AM-in-ohs), God of Death, Darkness and Time.
Quoethes (ko-AY-theez), God of Air, Fire, and Ice.
Trykao (tree-KAY-0h), Goddess of Electricity, Water, and Earth.
Meneron (MEN-er-on), Goddess of Light, Life, and Space.

Our world was once their personal kingdom, but when mankind became prolific, instead of eradicating their children, they left mankind to grow on this sacred land and left for a new world made only for themselves.

As they left, all four made a holy item for each of their powers, as a gift for mankind. As each poured a certain aspect of their energy into those items, each seperated into 3 seperate entities holding power over only one of their previous powers. Before Amenos split himself, he foresaw many dangerous things, and scattered the Gods' Artifacts across the globe, placing a mighty guard before each one. Amenos then closed the new world, with his brother and sisters in it, keeping mankind from prying into it, locking himself in our world. He then split up his own powers, becoming Lord Death, Father Time, and The Great Darkness.

After many centuries an evil wizard, Tykaron Ubura, began a quest for the Gods' Artifacts, hoping to conquer the world. After finding most of them, he declared himself a demigod and began a cenuries-long rule of terror over the world. Father Time and Lord Death, fearing for mankind, decided to reaveal themselves to a young man. This man, Berengal, with the power to see truth, saw these two for what they were. They send Berengal on a quest to find the remaining artifacts, so that he can defeat Tykaron. Finally finding them, Berengal confronts Tykaron and defeats him, ending his long, dark rule. Father Time again scatters the Artifacts.

Millenia pass and mankind forgets about Tykaron and the Gods' Artifacts. Humans begin hunting magickal beings, and they flee into the world set aside for the Gods, Taking the magick of the world with them and sealing it away.

Many more millenia pass, and The world forgets about magick, except for the little bit generated by the world itself. Until one day, the spirit of Berengal is reborn. This child, known as Arthur, one day begins reagain memories of his time as savior of earth. On the winter solstice of the year 2012, Arthur begins a ritual designed to reopen the gates to the Gods' Realm. When the Gate opens, the seal is broken and magick rushes back into the world, along with all the magickal beings that had escaped, and the Demigods themselves.

Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
weep, and you weep alone;
for the sad old Earth must borrow its mirth,
but has trouble enough of its own.
----Isaac Asimov
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History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1   History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 06, 2010 1:12 am

Question: Is this going to be an RPG, or is it just here for people to read? Neutral Because if it's just here for reading entertainment, it'll need to be moved to the Writer's Room.

History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1 Kingdom_Windows_by_AlBhed_Chocobo
History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1 CatapultThatHurlsCatapults
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History of Aidan's world (a summary) page 1
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