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 Fiera de Muerte's Characters

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PostSubject: Fiera de Muerte's Characters   Fiera de Muerte's Characters Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2011 8:32 pm

Name: Sethstone (Seth) Lataos

Deity Name: Kalos

Age: Appears 18, but is really about 300 or so

Gender: Male

Species: Shapeshifter Deity/ Mortal Shapeshifter

Powers/Abilities: Telepathy, Shapeshifting, Can understand and speak all languages,

Weaknesses: Fear of deep, running water (it only takes away his Shapeshifter powers, though, not kill him);

Appearance: Reaches a height of about 6’ 3”, almost pale white skin. Hair is pure black and spiked, and it reaches down to the middle of his neck in the back, and he hardly has any bangs. On the right side of his face he has three red marks that go vertically down his eye. They look like scars, but they're actually just markings, and they disappear when he goes into deity form. His eyes are also a vibrant purple and his pupils are always thin-slitted (is this even a word?). Very thin to where you can see his ribs if he were shirtless, but he has decent amount of hidden muscle.
He wears a plain white, long-sleeved button-down shirt that is open at the top, with the sleeves rolled up a little behind his elbows. He has on faded blue jeans with holes at the knees, and he wears black and white tennis shoes with white shoelaces. Seth has the number 23 engraved on the back of his right shoulder from when he served Cyrus, and he also has on a black collar that fits perfectly on his neck with a tag that says "Fiera de Muerte".

Deity Appearance: A pure white wolf with strange, shapeshifter-like markings covering his head, back, and sides. His purple eyes become more reddish-violet, his pupils are now rounded, and he can only speak with telepathy. He mostly just appears as a white wolf without the markings, though.



Name: Edwin (Eddie) Douglas

Dragon Name: The Scorpion (or just Scorpion)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Phantom Mage (it explains how this affects him having both forms in his bio)

Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifting (into dragon or human form only); Aside from humans and dragons, he can understand and speak the languages of scorpions and crows; Can control Electricity and Earth, but mostly just Electricity; Has the “Eye of Reveal” power (will be explained in the RPG's).

Weaknesses: Fear of tree frogs (I really don't know why, but in my head he freaks when he sees one...); Tends to sometimes be easily distracted by girls; Can barely see anything on his left side (mostly because of his eye, not his bangs).

Human Appearance: Reaches a height of about 5’ 10”, almost pale white skin. Thin, but definitely has muscles, mostly in his arms. Hair is dark brown, almost black, and nearly perfectly straight. It reaches down to the base of his neck in the back, and his bangs, which go diagonally, cover almost the whole left side of his face in the front, leaving only one of his emerald-green eyes and the middle of his face to be seen. And, if one were to move those bangs aside, they could see that his left eye is actually closed, and going across it are three scars: one going horizontally across his left eye that goes all the way to the bridge of his nose, and the other two go diagonally across his eye, parallel to each other and going towards his lower jaw.
Wears a black T-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, exposing all of both his arms, and he wears dark gray jeans that are faded beneath the knees. Also has on black and white tennis shoes with black shoelaces. Always wears a black leather bracelet on his left wrist, a chain that hangs from two pant loopholes on the left side, and a chain necklace with a black guitar pick (that’s actually a scale from his dragon form) attached to it. Also, on his right shoulder is a black tattoo of a scorpion, and he wears three rings on his right hand: one on his index finger, one on his middle finger, and one on his pinky. His pinky finger on his left hand also appears to be missing.

Dragon Appearance: Like his hair, his scales are a dark brown that's almost black. Scorpion is about 9' 7” in height, and about 20-25' in length. He has a total of six slightly curved horns on the top and side of his head; two large main ones, two medium-sized ones, and two rather small ones. He has golden-brown fur that almost nearly covers the whole left side of his face (like his bangs in his human form; he also has the same scars and his left eye is still closed), and there is a tuft of fur between his two large horns that stands up straight. The rest of his fur goes down to the end of his neck, almost like a horse's mane. Starting from the bit of fur sticking up, ivory spikes start and go down his back to where his tail begins, which they then split into two rows that run down the sides of his tail, and a third row also stays on top of his tail. Near the tip of his tail, where the spikes end, is a pair of large fins that he uses for balance, but mostly to help him stop more quickly. His wings are large and the same color as his scales, if not a little brighter on the underside, and their long wingspan (of about 40-45 ft.) is what really allows him to fly faster and higher than any other dragon... in his world, at least.

Personality: Sarcastic and a bit of a flirt, Edwin always tries to grab the attention of almost every female he meets, no matter how many times he's failed in the past. But despite his flirtatious nature, he's a very sweet and fun-loving guy that many think it's an honor to call him their friend. Eddie is very hard to annoy, and equally hard to anger, for he's laid-back and easygoing. Whether he's cracking jokes when someone's mad, or giving friendly and somewhat stupid advice to someone in need, this clumsy Phantom Mage can definitely leave a positive mark on a damp day. However, his sarcastic comments and outgoing attitude are really only when he's in human form, for when Eddie becomes The Scorpion, his dragon-formed counter-part, he becomes almost a completely new person. The Scorpion , or mostly just Scorpion, is a punk-like dragon that tends to be somewhat of a bully, as well as a “know-it-all”. He may crack jokes as well, but most of them are more rude than funny. Scorpion sees his human "master" as a nuisance and an idiot, but they still somehow get along nonetheless. Although he is friendly at times, most of the time his attitude towards other dragons or even humans can be somewhat unpredictable. But despite them being almost completely opposite in personality, Edwin and Scorpion can work together to combine their powers and let off some dastardly moves. This they rarely do, though, for it takes up a lot of the strength out of both of them. The two also have to watch their blood-lust level, for killing too much can cause them to go somewhat insane.

Bio: Edwin and his older sister, Jezzalyne (who will not be in any RPG's at the moment, but will be mentioned at least), are both Phantom Mages, a type of mage that is both hated and feared in the Dragon Realm. Before I tell their story, however, I want to explain about Phantom Mages so the sibling's story can be a little less complicated. Phantom Mages are controllers and rulers of Electricity, and each mage has mastered the element well. They also have a spirit animal, whether mythical or normal, that is considered part of them, even though the mage and the animal might have different personalities and powers. Basically, a Phantom Mage and his/her spirit animal's spirits, as well as memories, wounds, and fears, are combined, yet they both have unique personalities and different powers that make them different in a way. And another thing is if the spirit animal or Phantom Mage dies, the other still lives on, but they're just less powerful than before. The mages are also connected to a certain kind of bird that serve as messengers and information gatherers to their masters, and the kind of bird also somewhat tells what kind of magic the mage can do. But the reason they are feared, though, is because of a myth that goes around that they can also control the shadows and tinker with people's spirits and control other's actions. It's still unknown if this is true or not, but this hypothesis has given these mages a terrible stain on their kind.
That's about all I know about the mages so far, so now to the story. Edwin (or Eddie) and Jezzalyne (or Jezza) were both raised by their uncle, Mojiin, for their parents went missing a couple years after Eddie was born. The siblings trained with their uncle and learned how to harness their Phantom Mage powers, and how to better connect with their spirit animals. When Jezza turned 20, she left Mojiin and her little 17 year-old brother to hopefully find their parents and a new life for herself. For Eddie, though, Mojiin had other plans. When he turned 19, after fully bonding with his spirit animal, a dragon he named The Scorpion due to it's scorpion-poisoned saliva, Eddie was sent to the Dragon Realm after completing his training to hopefully make his dragon counterpart stronger, and to also learn more about his world. Turning into Scorpion, the Phantom Mage left Mojiin to start his own journey, and to hopefully run into his sister along the way.
However, shortly after Scorpion arrived at the Dragon Academy was he sent on a mission and attacked, causing his closed left eye (still unsure if he's just blind or if the eye missing). Unfortunately, the Phantom Mage, Eddie, was somehow knocked unconscious from that attack, and Scorpion completely forgot all his memories up until he'd joined the Academy. But as a couple years went by, Scorpion had regained his memories through dreams, Eddie once again regained consciousness, and the two then became very close and very dangerous partners. Edwin and Scorpion's bird partners are crows, which, as mentioned before, bring them messages and gather information of where they're heading. The crows also supposedly grant the two the power to control the undead, but they have not yet shown signs of being able to harness that ability. A murder (large group) of crows can also sometimes mean that Eddie or Scorpion are nearby, but not necessarily in the exact spot of the murder.

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Fiera de Muerte's Characters
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