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 The Shapeshifters Soundtrack

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The Shapeshifters Soundtrack Empty
PostSubject: The Shapeshifters Soundtrack   The Shapeshifters Soundtrack Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 1:14 am

Here are some songs that I hope make it into the movie if there ever is one. I did not watch the videos, only listened to the music while working on the story. So if the videos are bad and have wierd images or something, I'm sorry. Embarassed

Disturbia (my fav song!):

Angel of Darkness:

Let it Rock:

Our Solemn Hour:

4 Minutes:

Hips Don't Lie (Since Shapeshifters speak Spanish sometimes and love to party, I thought this might be a good party song...):

Eye of the Tiger:

And this is for any Wolf's Rain Fans:

It's the Fear:

See Who I Am:


Listen to your Heart:

It's Not My Time:

The Shapeshifters Soundtrack Kingdom_Windows_by_AlBhed_Chocobo
The Shapeshifters Soundtrack CatapultThatHurlsCatapults

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The Shapeshifters Soundtrack
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