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PostSubject: Beast   Beast Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 6:15 pm

Lira is an orphaned girl who leads a pretty odinary a wolf! Found in the middle of the woods as a child, Lira is raised by a pack of wolves up to the age of 17, when she is captured by the humans and forced to be human again. Through her struggle to return to her pack, Lira learns all about the humans ways and how different and similiar they are to the packs, has the expirience of what an orphanage is like, and even goes to a human high school! But her wolf instincts make things difficult for her to live in the civil world. How will she be able to get back to her pack? And more importantly, in the end, will she even want to?
Read Beast to find out!
Rating: PG-13


The moon was full and the skies clear that night. The air was fresh with thousands of sounds and scents, ranging from tree to bird to mouse to insect. Soft, furred pads lightly hit the ground, making nary a sound. Slowly they crept forward, locking onto a relatively plump field mouse. The wind blew its scent away, and the creature bolted.
Luna lunged and caught the mouse in her paws. A quick bite in the neck stopped it's squirming and ended it's life. She took it up in her jowls to bring back to the pack.
A rustle in the bushes sent her on guard, but she relaxed when a familiar muzzled appeared.
"Don't sneak up on me like that, Regidor!" she growled.
The he-wolf wagged his tail in embarrassment and greeting.
"Sorry, Luna. You were hunting and I didn't want to scare away your prey."
Luna sighed. "Fine. What do you want?"
"The leader has called for a pack gathering."
She put her mouse down. "Huh? I didn't hear any call." Then she took it up again and ran back to the camp. Regidor followed close behind.
When she arrived, the pack was already assembled around the Stump. Luna took her place among them, after depositing the kill on the pile, and stared anxiously at their highly respected and wise leader, Red Fang.
Red Fang watched his loyal pack with concern.
"A need for caution as risen," he said solemnly. "Man has entered the forest again."
A few anxious whispering issued forth, some more frightened than others, but was quickly gone with a flick of Red Fang's tail.
"We all know the danger involved when Man is here. Many times have we lost members to their savage ways." A few growled in agreement. "As much as we would like to inflict our own revenge, we must refrain; Man is too dangerous to go to war with. They have numbers greater than ours, and we would only lose more of the pack. So I must remind you all, for the good of the pack, to stay away from them. Refrain from leaving the camp too often, and be on the upmost alert if you must. If they remain for too long, we may have to move to the other side of the forest."
Red Fang then dismissed the gathering. As the rest of the pack went off to their duties in fear and worriment, Luna padded back to the kill pile and picked up a few mice to take to her pups.
The cubs yipped with joy when she entered her den. Her mate, Arius, gave her a welcoming lick.
"Welcome back," he said.
Luna stopped for a quick loving nuzzle in return and then tended to her pups. Once they were fed and warmed, she and Arius snuggled down for a well-earned rest. The sun was barely rising over Twin Peak when they slipped into dream.

It had been a full moon and the humans had finally left. Luna rejoiced with the others. This section of the forest was ripe with food, and none had wanted to leave for any amount of time.
On the evening Luna had planned to go hunting, the Alpha female, Reign, caught her before she headed out. Luna bowed her head respectfully as Reign gave her a tender lick.
"Might I join you, daughter?" she asked kindly.
Luna gave a start. "Of course!"
The two wolves raced out of the clearing, sniffing the air for prey scent. It was tradition that the she-wolves do most of the hunting for the pack and tend to the elders. Luna had been chosen to be a hunting wolf. In return, the males guard and protect the pack, and usually hunts to feed their squads. The mothers of course are given leave. Even though Luna had cubs of her own, they were near old enough to be ready to fend for them selves, so she resumed her duties while her mate guarded the pups.
Reign's black pelt glistened as she ran alongside Luna's silver. Though she is the daughter of the Alpha female, Luna took more after her sire, Red Fang.
"How are your cubs?" the she-wolf inquired.
"Healthy," Luna replied. "They'll be ready for their run through the woods soon."
Reign nodded. "That's wonderful, and good timing too. Man's scent still lingers, so they shall be able to learn to fear it at an early stage."
Luna slowed as she caught the scent of a fox. That would be enough to feed the elders. Reign sensed it too, and took off ahead so that Luna could drive it towards the she-wolf. The fox, however, caught wind of both of them and bolted away.
Luna cursed and gave chase, Reign close nearby. The fox was quick, and heading towards the area Man had stayed. Instinct told Luna to stop, but Reign kept running, so she had to follow.
When they broke through the thrush, however, both wolves froze. A strange, heart-wrenching cry was echoing off the trees. Reign turned to Luna.
"Do you hear that?" she asked.
She laid her ears flat in worry. "Yeah."
The fox forgotten, they cautiously padded their way to the sound. Neither of them could tell if the creature was injured, but they didn't want to take any chances of it attacking them, either.
Luna caught the scent before coming into sight. In the center of a clearing, caught in a very old Man-trap, was a crying man-cub.
Both of them knew the pain of being caught in those traps, and carefully leaped to its rescue. Working together, they pried open the vicious jaws and dragged the little cub out. Luckily the thing was old enough to have lost nearly all of its power, so the injuries were mild. The pitiful creature mewled in pain. Luna began licking its wounds while Reign got rid of the trap.
"Poor thing," Luna cooed. "I know, little one, it hurts."
"Mama!" the little human cried in its own tongue. "Owy! Booboo hurt!"
"Shh, shh," the silver wolf lulled, her maternal instincts coming forth. The little cub calmed down, and, teary eyed, began stroking her fur. Her soft pelt seemed to calm it more. Luna lied down next to it to keep it warm.
"I've looked all over this part of the woods," Reign said, returning. "There is neither sign nor scent of her mother and sire."
Luna raised her head. "Her?"
Reign nodded. "Sniff. Can't you smell it? It's a she-cub."
"What should we do? We can't just leave her. She's just a pup!"
"But we can't bring her to the camp. What if her humans come looking for her?"
The two wolves watched the she-cub. The feeble thing ran its tiny paws through Luna's fur, sniffling and murmuring, "Pwetty doggie..."
Normally Luna would have snapped at whomever would call her dog, but for this little one it was all right."
"We'll call the pack," Reign finally decided, and raised a beautiful, melodious howl that started deep in her throat and took to the air as if sprouting wings. The little she-cub gave a start, and then curled her lips up in that curious way humans do to show they're happy.
Reign's howl was returned, answering calls saying they're on their way. The little she-cub cooed.
"Sing, sing."
Red Fang was the first to arrive. He let out a startled growl when the silver Alpha saw the man-cub. The little thing gave a cry of fear and buried its flat snout in Luna's fur.
Reign immediately padded over to calm her mate. "It's just a she-pup," she said, giving him an affectionate lick and wag.
The rest of the pack arrived, having the same reaction as Red Fang. Reign went to each in turn to calm them.
"Why is it you have called us, Reign?" the pack leader questioned.
Luna raised herself to her paws in respect and bowed her snout to the ground.
"We found this lost man-cub as we were hunting, and we need guidance as to what to do with it."
"Leave it!" one of the pack wolves barked, a grumpy grey. "That's all Man would do to our kind!"
The little man-cub covered her small ears with her awkward paws. Luna curled her bushy tail around her comfortingly.
"But she is barely pup age! She'll die if we just leave her!" she argued.
"Peace," Red Fang ordered, and took control. "What is it you can't decide, Luna?"
She bowed her head again respectfully. "Whether to leave it somewhere else or to take it into the pack."
The pack had mixed murmurings. Some of the wolves grew outraged at the possibility of taking it in, but Red Fang called for peace once again.
"This decision must be made by the pack. But before you decide hear this; are we as honored wolves so low as to condemn a cub for its species or the actions of its kin? Would we be any different from Man by doing as they would and leaving this pup to starve in the forest? What if this man-cub was not man, but a rival clan's pup; would we still consider leaving it to the mercy of the woods?"
The speech left the pack in guilty silence. Their silver-pelted leader's intention was right and truly wise. It is wrong to let a cub die, no matter the species.
"This is a pack decision. What should we do with it?"
They all thought hard, but it was decided; they would care for the cub and treat it as their own unless its parents return for it.
"And you, Luna, who found it, shall care for it."
Luna was about to protest, but she soon realized she didn't want it any other way.
She lied back down and tried to coax the little creature onto her back. Her brother Regidor came and picked her up by the scruff of her clothing. As he set her on Luna's back, he whispered, "I understand your sympathy; it's about as old as your pups in human age. But what are you going to do with it?"
"Teach her, of course," Luna said simply.
"Teach a human to be a wolf?!"
"Why not? She'll learn to respect our way and help take care of our forest. She'll be the first useful human in this world."
Regidor wasn't sure.
Besides, my pups are ready for the forest now. They shall learn together."
Luna stood up, and the cub instinctively clung to her pelt. She started at a brisk trot, so as not to knock her off. The pack circled around them protectively, staying true to their decision and treating them as if Luna were carrying her one of her own pups.
Red Fang padded up beside her. "What shall we call it?"
Luna though a moment. "How about Lira?"
Red Fang nodded approvingly, and announced the new member to the stars. "Then she shall be known as Lira!"

Chapter One: coming soon!

It's a me a Mario.
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Dreyden Istalri
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Dreyden Istalri

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PostSubject: Re: Beast   Beast Icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 9:54 pm

Chapter One

Morning was fresh and cool when Lira awoke. Her brothers and sisters were still asleep, dreaming away this perfect morning in their own dens. The birds were just waking with soft songs and the trees were calm and quiet. The air was crisp and full of many different tastes and smells than there were at night. Lira yawned and stretched, letting it ripple down her back, and crept out of her shared den without notice.

The clearing was empty, as it generally is in the mornings. Beyond the boundaries she could hear the soft patter of the guard patrol, Digara’s team. Her flat snout curled into a smile, and she padded past them into deeper territory.

Lira loved the mornings best. It was quiet, calm, and the scents were fresh and new. Most of the other pack members didn’t like to get up too early, so she had almost the entire camp to herself. As much as she loved her pack dearly, some of the members get a little annoying sometimes. But that happens in most families.

She loved her mother and father the most. They cared for her and taught her everything she knows today. Despite how different from the other wolves she was, they treated her no differently, and raised her into a fine young wolf.

A faint trickle of water alerted her ears. Lira pushed her drowsy legs to move faster. Just a little further and they would be drowsy no more!

The trees broke through, letting golden rays of sunlight pour into the spring and glitter all around. Lira smiled again, having no tail to wag, and bounded into the cool crisp water with a happy yip. A few fresh-water fish leaped out of the water and into the air, and then fell back in with a splash. Lira pawed at them as they darted away, laughing and feeling rejuvenated as the cool water washed over her pelt-less skin and un-matted the small patch of black fur on her head. She spread her paws out and pushed against the crystal clear water, paddling back to shore.

The bushed began to rustle, startling her. Lira jumped onto alert, mouth open in a snarl. A silver muzzle poked it’s way through the brush, followed by a glossy familiar pelt.

“So this is where you were off too!” Luna said.

Lira brightened. “Mama!” She bounded up to the she-wolf, happy as the pup she is. Luna licked her foster daughter with affectionate tenderness.

“I see you’ve found my secret hiding place.”

Lira stopped. “This is yours?” She didn’t mean to intrude.

Her mother nodded and yipped. “I would come here from time to time to clear my thoughts, especially during the time Arius courted me. But I’m glad you found it; now we can share it together!”

The young girl felt happier, and sat with her mother by the spring. Lira attempted to groom herself, failing miserably with her long head-fur.

Luna gave her motherly looked and chuckled. “Here, little one, let me do it.” She began combing out the previous night’s tangles with her teeth. “I think it may be time for another cut, Lira. Your fur grows so long and so quick…”

Lira moped and held still. “I hate cuts.”

“I know,” Luna cooed, and started biting and chewing off the matted ends. “But you know how in-the-way it gets, and the tangles make you look part porcupine!”

Lira sat still while she progressively shortened the black fur that seemed to only grow on her head. Why is that? How come she doesn’t have a tail, or muzzle, or any of the other wolf qualities? Her ears are set on the sides of her head, and her paws can hold and grip many things the other wolves can’t. Why?

Luna nuzzled her in her ear, signifying she’s done. “You have that look again, daughter. What are you thinking?”

She hesitated a moment. This question had already been asked before.

“What am I, mama?”

Luna stared at her for a moment, and wagged her tail kindly. “You’re pack-wolf of course.”

Lira scorned. “I know that. But mama, why am I so different from the others? I’ve no fur save for what’s on my head, my paws are so much more different. What am I, mother?”

Luna sat back solemnly and gazed at her daughter. “What we are can only be found by one’s self, Lira. If you wish to seek that answer, you must seek it yourself.” She padded forward and licked her on the forehead. “Do you understand?”

Lira huffed. “Yes.”

She chuckled. “Why don’t you go hunt for Tawni? Her pups are due soon.”

Lira brightened. “Okay! Tell her I’ll be there soon!”

“She’ll be very grateful. Oh, and be sure to have Kishi check out that rash on your neck. I think it’s gotten bigger.”

She wrinkled her brows. “That grumpy old Teller? She doesn’t like me very well.”

Luna laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, she’s grumpy to all of us, even the pack leader.”

Lira sighed. “Fine, I’ll go see her after I bring some fresh-kill.”

“Be careful!”

Lira hopped to her paws and took off running full speed deeper into the woods, her muscles rippling healthily. Running always calmed her down and sharpened her senses. The foliage rushing by made for great reflex training, and it just felt good. And her paws made only sounds as soft as a wolf’s, probably the only similarity she had with her pack-kin.

Lira slowed. She was far from the camp now, far from the concentrated wolf scent that kept most prey away. The woods were even quieter here, where keen eyesight, sent, and hearing was needed to spot any wild-life. Lira caught the scent of a rabbit immediately, in a small den to her left. She padded around it and listened. A family of rabbits, with little ones. She couldn’t stand the thought of taking them. Besides, the little ones would grow into delicious rabbits in the future.

She turned away to find another scent trail, when a strange, new scent filled her nostrils. Curious, she turned her head until the scent grew stronger, and followed it with her nose in the air. The closer she got, the more divided and distinguished and foreign it became. She had never smelled anything like it. What is it?

The trees disappeared into a strange clearing. There were strange colored leaves in the shapes of dens, and odd rocks placed around some sort of fire contraption. The place made her hackles raise; these things were unnatural. But the scent drew her in, so she entered. Cautiously.

The smell was coming from the hot thing in the center. Lira crept near it, slowly so as not to alert anything; who knew what creatures could be lurking in this place?

She poked her head above the fire thing. Two fish were burning on top of a black, flat rock. Lira wrinkled her nose. What a waste of good food. Who would just leave this here to burn?

Lira snorted in disdain, and then her stomach grumbled. She hadn’t eaten yet, and there was no hunting with a growling tummy. And these fish are just going to go to waist…

Lira rose onto her hind legs and pawed them off quickly. They fell onto the dirt with a thud, and she jumped back, making sure nothing was going to attack. Then she leaned down to take a bite out of the fish.


Lira leaped into the air and backed off, her heart pounding from fright. Standing before her was a tall, dark figure with strange fur, no tail, and a pale, flat face. He held a long stick with spider-web strands at the end. It looked like the weapon in her old pup tales used to hunt her kin. The firestick.

“What are you doing here?” the human growled.

Lira trembled. The man stood in the entrance of the camp, blocking her way out. She backed away into a corner, frightened. What if he fires that thing at her? What should she do?!

More showed up, a female and her cub. “What is it dear?” the female warbled, and spotted Lira. She squeaked in fright, and the young cub moved in front of her protectively. He looked to be about her age.

The male took a step closer. Lira rose on her hind legs a little, hackles raised and snarling. If she has to, she will fight her way out. She was keener than the other wolves when it came to predicting movements.

He stopped, startled by her reaction. “Now, hold on. Calm down.” He held up his paws in a weird gesture. Lira growled warningly, backing up a little more. Was he going to attack? She wasn’t going to let him get her first!

He took a step closer, and she lunged out, snapping. The man gave a shout and swung out in defense. Lira sank her teeth into his arm, and tasted blood. The man howled in pain, flinging her off.

The female screamed, and it sounded like she was calling for more. Lira bolted out as fast as she could. The female, his mate, she assumed, and the cub rushed to the man’s aid. She began to leave the clearing far behind, but then something made her stop. Her instincts were telling her to go back, and she couldn’t understand why. That place was dangerous. Maybe…was it because they looked so much like herself? She shuddered. Could she be…?

No. Man didn’t have instincts. Otherwise they wouldn’t live wasting food and ruining the Earth. She was pack-wolf, if nothing else, and abided by her instincts. Lira turned around and crept back to the human camp.

The female was tending to her mate’s wounds just as a wolf would, and suddenly Lira felt guilt. She never intended to cause any harm. It was just her survival reflex. That was the way she needed to live if she were to stay alive.

“I hope that girl doesn’t have rabies,” the female muttered. “Who knows what could happen to you now?”

The man laughed. “I’m more worried about that girl! Did you see the look in her face, in her eyes? She must have been out here, lost and alone, for a long time. Ow!”

Lira watched, awed. She can understand what they’re saying. Why? And how does this human know? Even though she’s always had her pack, she has felt alone. Because she’s different.

The man sighed. “Poor thing. I hope she’s alright.”

It was growing late, and she still hasn’t gotten anything to bring back to camp, not to mention she hasn’t eaten yet, either. It was almost high noon.

A rustle in the bushes behind her startled her, and she ducked beneath another set of brush. The cub from earlier came stomping right passed her and into the camp.

“I couldn’t find her, Dad,” he said. “Wherever she went, she went fast!”

It was getting dangerous being here now. Lira turned in her spot and headed back to her own, safe, comfortable camp. Her instincts didn’t stop her this time.

It's a me a Mario.
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