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PostSubject: Papercut   Papercut Icon_minitimeTue Jan 20, 2009 10:22 pm

Thanks to Papercut by Linkin Park for inspiring me to write this short story.

Hope you enjoy.


I never wanted my life to be the way it was- torture, suffering, pain. None of it. But it made it. It made my life a living hell. Ending it the worst way I could think of ending my life. It controlled me. Made me the way I thought impossible to become... but it succeeded

My name's Robyn Wais. I was seventeen years old when it happened. I had dark black hair with brown and dark red highlights. I have regular sized, bright green eyes that would mesmirize anyone. My skin was usually tan during the summer and spring, white during the fall and winter. I was an only child, thankfully. I would never be able to comprehend anymore pain it threw at me. The only "siblings" I had were my two best friends.

Laura Zeader and Amber Collins are those two. I had known Laura since 4th grade, and Amber since 2nd. The only difference between each of us is: Amber's a skater chic who wears all Skate Brands like DC, VANS, Etnies, and stuff like that. Laura is a prep. All she cared about were clothes, shoes, and make-up. Me. Well, let's just say that some labeled me "Emo". I didn't agree. I hated labels and thought that everyone is just who they are. Not just some punk ass who goes around labeling everyone just by the things they wear and how they act around others. All I say to them is "Screw you", which was like my main motto. But, back to my friends and I... Yeah. We didn't care what we "are". We were just all like sisters.

Anyways. Don't let me bore you about my life. Let's get to the exciting part, starting with that day...
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PostSubject: Re: Papercut   Papercut Icon_minitimeThu Jan 22, 2009 11:00 pm

Chapter One

The day started out just like any other day.

I hopped in my small red Toyota Camri, which my mom had passed down to me when she got a new car. It was in perfect shape. The light brown leather seats were in good condition with a few scratches here and there. Oh well. There were a few dents in the hard metal on the outside, mainly from the wrecks I was in when I first got the car a few months ago.

One thing I hate about having a car, though, is that my parents always nag about not going out with a boy alone. I mean, come on! One, I don't have a boyfriend. Two, I don't like anyone. Do they think I'm actually going to do "it" with him? I guess they don't trust me. Probably think I'm doing drugs and crap like that. I have to admit, I have thought about starting, but ended up turning my back, refusing.

As I got in my tiny Toyota, I inserted the keys into the keyhole, turned them with a clink, and brought the car to life with a soothing, light hum. Before reaching for my seatbelt, I patted my back right pocket to make sure my wallet was there. I never carried a purse. Thought it was too girly. Instead, I settled for a dark red and black DC wallet I got from Zumiez. All that lie inside was a hundred dollars in twenties and some gift cards. I didn't have a credit card yet. Parents are gay that way.

"Check." I said to myself as I found the lump. Then, I grabbed my buckle, pulled it over my torso, and locked it with a click. "Radio." My finger loomed over to the ON/OFF switch and clicked it. 106.1 Kiss FM automatically came on. (Oh. I forgot to mention. I live in Dallas, Texas.) Even though I hate hip-hop and rap, I couldn't help but listen to the station. They played good music every now and then, but ended up replaying the songs over and over, twenty times a day. Whenever that happened, I just swapped the channel to 102.1 or something. Sometimes a CD if nothing's on.

As I flicked on the radio, my brain picked up the song right away. 'Love Song' by Taylor Swuft. I scowled in disgust. This was one of those repeated songs I hated. So- Click!- I changed it to 102.1 The EDGE. "...Break me down! Bury me! Bury me!" Ah... music to my ears. One of my most favorite song in all the World. 'The Kill' by 30 Seconds to Mars. I began to sing along, my cracked voice ruining the awesome song. But who cared? I loved to sing for Pete's sake! As I continued to screech out the words, I slipped hte car out of the raggidy gray garage, out onto the concrete driveway, and down the road towards my fate.

"Took y'long enough!" Amber said as I walked into the large building. She and Laura had been waiting inside by the front door for over thirty minutes, awaiting my arrival. The skater chic was wearing the usual dark skinny jeans, large black VANS skate shoes, and a bright blue T-shirt with VOLCOLM across the breasts area in neon green letters. Amber had the most beautiful baby-blue eys anyone could wish for. They almost looked like Jared Leto's eyes, the lead singer to 30 Seconds to Mars and an actor. Wow! And was he hot! With three hoops in both her upper ears, a nose ring, along with two eyebrow and lip piercings (Snake Bites), Amber was one hell of a looker. All that jewelry and thick black eyeliner made her look ravashing. The thing about Amber's appearence I like best is her hair. She had died it dark purple, almost Violet colored, with black low-lights. It was perfectly straight, which made me jealous. I hated my hair.

Laura shuffled over to us, feeling left out I guessed. She wore light blue capris that stretched all the way down to her shiny, smooth shins, a pair of flip-flops, and a pink shirt that made me gag. On her right shoulder dangled a small, cheap-o purse from Wal-Mart. It had pink pleather on the outside in a diamond pattern with a bumpy feeling. Inside was unknown to me. Never dared open a purse. Laura's bleach blond hair was tied up high above her head with a green bow. It danced around as she walked, swaying in the breeze of the passing air current.

"Come on." Laura wined. "I need a new pair of shoes. Some're on sale at Abercrombie. Come on!" She grabbed my arm and began to drag me towards the mall's North Wing. I felt my other arm jerk backwards. Amber had gotten a hold of it.

"You have too many shoes already." Amber smirked, puilling me harder in the opposite direction. Laura did the same. Oh great. I'm going to be torn apart by my two best friends. I thought with some humor. My mind strayed from the argument and the slight pain in my shoulders as I noticed a guy off by the coke machines surrounded by a group. My green eyes scanned him completely, top to bottom. He wore dark skinny jeans, like Amber, a real baggy white shirt with Etnies written across the front in curly letters, and these awesomely cool green Etnies. His black hair was shaggy and reached down to his shoulders. He had these gray eyes that were almost like icecycles, and his skin was as tanned as mine. I stared at him in awe, but my smile faded away as he left to go shopping with his friends. Soon, the jerking motion came back to me and I yanked my arms free. I noticed some people were staring, but I ignored them and turned to Amber and Laura.

"Ok. First off, you have too many shoes." I pointed at Laura. "Second, let's just hurry and go shopping. Imma have to leave soon, so let's get going before I do." Amber and Laura smirked at me. I lied the last part, about leaving soon. I just wanted to see if I can find the guy again.

"Where d'we go then?" Amber asked.

"Oh! Oh! Let's go to Aber-"

"No!" Amber snapped. "We'll go there last, before Robyn has to go. First, we'll just walk around and hang. Good?" I shrugged. Laura was quiet. "Good. Let's go then." We began our round about of the mall sitting in the food-court. Not much for "walking around" like Amber said, but atleast we could talk to each other. The topic to begin the conversation was "Who do you like?" And, as always, I said I didn't like anyone. Lie. That one guy... wow. I think I was in love. Not for sure though. Maybe just a crush sort of feeling you get when you see a total hottie. You never know, though. He could turn out to be a total jerk or perv. Laura said she liked Christopher Talli, a Junior just like us, who was in my science class. He wasn't all that hot. Well, to me. All the "preppy" girls fell for him. His looks caused that. Bright blue eyes, pale white skin, and short dirty blond hair. Robert Carniger was who Amber liked. He was an alright kinda guy. One of my best guy friends I had, but he could be a real jerk sometimes. Maybe that was why Amber liked him so much. Who knew.

Then, I saw him. Sitting a few tables down, that same guy with the same group of friends, sitting at a circular table infront of Dairy Queen. I eyed a chic with brown hair sitting besides him. She wasn't in the group when I saw! Maybe she was too short or she wasn't there at the time. My mind burned with hatred at the girl. I clenched my fists until they were white. I don't know why I was feeling this way. Maybe because I got the hint that se was his girlfriend. Luckily, Amber and Laura were having an argument about why they liked who they liked, so they didn't notice my anger. My heart broke when I saw him lean over towards the girl and gave her a peck on the lips. My green eyes widened and my fists loosened. I wanted to cry for some strange reason, but I knew I shouldn't over a guy I didn't know. Instead, I picked myself up from the table, my chair screaching against the tiled floor. Amber and Laura looked up at me.

"Where ya goin'?" Amber asked. I looked down at her, then at Laura, then at the guy. He was looking straight at me for some reason. I narrowed my eyes at him, turned, and walked away from the table. Amber and Laura stayed where they were, probably thinking that I was going to the restroom or something. I was grateful they left me alone, but was too infuriated to think straight. I headed straight for the restrooms, but instead of going in, I sat down at a neaby bench. I shoved my face into my hands and tried not to cry, but I could feel it coming. The waterworks.

"You alright?" came a voice. I looked up and saw him standing there. No friends. Just him. I sniffled.

"What do you want?" I tried to sound as casual as I could sound. I don't think it was working.

"Well, I saw you lookin' upset back at the food court and was wonderin' what was wrong. You seemed to be pretty mad when you were lookin' at me." Oh great. I didn't answer for awhile, but finally said, "Yeah... I'm pretty mad right now."

"Why?" He asked. Wow. This guy was asking alot of questions, but why?

"Why do you care?" I growled. I wiped my eyes, rubbing away some of the liquid eyeliner.

"Well," He said again. He moved over and sat down besides me. I turned my gaze from him. That picture of that kiss was implanted in my mind. The way his lips touched hers. Silence. Why wasn't he finishing? I turned to look at him. He was looking far off into the distance ahead. "Why're you mad?" He asked, not shifting his gaze. I sighed. Might as well tell him. He won't care. He already has a girlfriend.

"Because I saw you and that girl kiss. It just made me... I don't know." I sighed and looked away.

"I see." I heard him murmer, and felt his hand grab my shoulder. It burned where he touched. A good burn. I didn't turn to look at him. "I kissed Grail because we were doin' truth or dare. I chose dare and they dared me to kiss her." I turned towards him, some of the anger recieding.

"Oh..." I said, feeling dumbfounded. I had never expected that that was the reason. "So, you're not going out with her?" I wanted to be completely sure I heard him correctly. He nodded his head.

"Yep. By the way, I'm Zane." He stuck out his hand, which had been on my shoulder moments before. I stared at it for a moment as if it were an alien, then finally grasped the palm and shook. His touch shot through me like lightning. It flowed through all my veins.

"I'm Robyn."

"I like that name." Zane smiled. Our hands unhooked and we looked at each other for a moment, smiling. "You wanna see a flick later?"


"Seven o'clock. The theater. See ya there." He stood and waved. He never actually told me why he had to go, maybe because his friends would be searching for him soon. I smiled as I watched him go. My heart began to float its way up to heaven. I felt as light as a feather. I guess I really was in love. My first mistake...
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