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 The Elements

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PostSubject: The Elements   Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:23 am

These are the main elements the Shapeshifters can master, and what they do.

Fire: Allows user to control fire. Can cause explosions, volcano eruptions, and even create lava flows.

Electricity: User is able to turn lights and other systems on and off without having to flick a switch. Can also travel near the speed of light and can even travel through electric systems.

Ice: Allows user to freeze lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and even hot geysers. Can also control snow and hail, and can start blizzards. If strong enough, can also freeze lava.

Water: Can create floods and put out regular fire not created by a Shapeshifter. Also allows user to control hurricanes and other related natural disasters.

Earth: Allows user to control earthquakes, vines, roots, trees, and anything else related, even grass. Can even creat chasms, cliffs, and ditches.

Wind: Allows user to control cold, strong, calm, and low winds. Can also control tornados and change directon of the wind. The damage the wind causes depends on the users emotions. Same goes for Electricity.

Darkness: The user uses his/her elements for wrongdoings.

Light: User uses his/her elements to stop those with Darkness.


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The Elements
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