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 Dreyden Istalri's RP characters

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Dreyden Istalri
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Dreyden Istalri

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PostSubject: Dreyden Istalri's RP characters   Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:40 pm

Name: Dreyden Istalri
Age: over 1000
Species/Type: Dragon human hybrid
Class: DragonKnight, Prince
Image: human


(I've drawn both of these, but i'll be putting better ones up later when i can scan them)
RPs participated in:
~The Shadow Maker (completed)
~The adventures of Kain (completed)
~The Shapeshifters: Disturbia released (discontinued)
~The Misadventures of Seth and Drey
~the randomness rpg
~The Flames of Glory (completed)
~The Shapeshifters RP
Most Destinguished markings: The red tattoo-like marks on his face, the silver scar on his chest, blue hair.

Name: Link
Age: 17 (ish)
Species/Type: Human, Legend of Zelda character
Class: Warrior, Hylian
RPs participated in:
~World's Unleashed

Name: Alena Senteen
Species/Type: Human
Class: Teenage girl
Image: None yet.
RPs participated in:
~World's Unleashed

Name: Maria Tanaji
Age: about 15
Species/Type: Human
Class: Ninja, Genin
Home: The Hidden Leaf Village
RPs participated in:
~naruto legends of the leaf

Name: Destiny Light
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Image: none yet
RPs participated in:
~IceClans Domain

It's a me a Mario.

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Dreyden Istalri's RP characters
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